Terms and conditions

Handmade keepsakes.           
    Each piece is handmade with your own milk and crafted by me. Every piece is unique and will never be the same as anyone else's.  Your jewelry will reflect the color of your milk.  It can range from translucent to very white to a creamy gold, even a green or blue tinge and anywhere in between.
   Although I strive to make your treasures as perfect as I can...please realize they may have tiny air bubbles, mold lines, glue on bails, or uneven form (due to sanding) as is the nature of resin I use to preserve your breastmilk and/or inclusion in the jewelry. This does not affect the structure of the jewelry.
   ■Safety precautions
 Breastmilk and life memory jewelry is made for adults to wear. I know my children love jewelry, but keep in mind that all jewelry is a choking hazard for children and should be kept away from thier reach.
   ■Product care
 Your precious memory keepsakes should be treated like any other fine jewelry. Don't expose your jewelry to excessive heat or humidity. I recommend  taking it off before swimming or showering. Don't wear in a hot tub or sauna.
 Do not expose jewelry to solvents, chemicals or essential oils. If u need to clean your jewelry use mild soap and water and a polishing cloth. Don't store jewelry in the bathroom, it can get humid in there.  Please take your jewelry off before bed. It might break and it could be dangerous
  Please don't not use any harsh solvents on or near your breastmilk stone/jewelry, it could destroy it.
There is a 3 month warranty on preservation jewelry unless it wasn't properly cared for. 

There is no warranty on jewelry as I do not make any of the metals or metal jewelry.  All the jewelry has been wear tested for things like breakage, discoloring..etc and I only use quality pieces. But, again I cannot warranty any metal pieces. Please follow care instructions and treat your jewelry like any other precious jewelry. 

                                        Magnolia Moonblooms LLC