Q. How do I send my milk to you?
A. you will receive detailed instructions on how to send me your milk and inclusions in an email after you place your order.
Q. What is the process to turn milk into stone?
A. There are many ways to create breastmilk jewelry.  Although every maker has their own technique and formula for creating breastmilk jewelry....  I personally experimented for months with many different processes to preserve breastmilk. I take 5+ steps to preserve it and that is even before I encase it in a jewelers grade resin. I can guarantee that your precious breastmilk jewelry keepsake is properly preserved and will last if taken care of. ( see terms and conditions for proper care instructions).
Q. How much breastmilk will I need to send?
A. for small pieces I will need at least 1/2 oz. For bigger or more than 1, I will need 1-3oz.
Q. Where are you located?
A. I reside in Sioux Falls, South Dakota...But my heart belongs in the mountains of Colorado.
Q. Does little milkmaid treasures accept refunds, returns or exchanges?
A. We are not able to accept returns or exchanges on finished items, due to the nature of personalized jewelry. please read the "terms and conditions" and "refund policy" for more info regarding  this subject.
Q. How do I get my correct ring size?
A. you will have to go to your local jeweler or you can order a ring sizer from amazon.
Q. Does my milk need to be cold or fresh?
A. No! your milk can be years old and actually needs to be room temp before you wrap it up to mail it.
Q. Can you make custom orders?
A. Yes! everything is customizable and we can discuss your vision if you would like, just email or facebook message me. If there is something you have in mind but don't see it in my shop, please contact me and we can discuss it further.
Q. Can I change my order once placed.
A. Possibly, If I have not already ordered your materials to make your jewelry than perhaps. I will have to make the call. If you would like to change a color or style before production has started please fill out a change order form located on the menu or message me.
Q. What is your turn around time?
A. turnaround time is between 4-12wks from when I receive your milk/inclusions.