Milk and inclusion details

You will receive detailed instructions on how to send in your milk and inclusions in an email after you place your order. If you do not see it, you might want to check your junk folder.
   I can work with old, frozen, lipase, fresh and not so fresh breastmilk. It will need to be double bagged it breastmilk storage bags or ziplock( preferably both) and room temp when you send it. Breastmilk and other inclusion amounts needed are.
   ▪breastmilk 1/2 -1oz per item. 2-3oz for larger pieces (1/2oz minimum)
   ▪hair. At least 20 strands 1/2-2in long, if more can be sent, please do.
   ▪placenta 1-2 capsules
   ▪ashes 1-2tbs
   ▪ fabric- 1-2  inch long strips
   ▪ umbilical 1 stump
   ▪ Flowers you can have petals crushed or the whole flower.
    ▪ sand 1-2tps
I will keep any leftover milk for up to 1yr after your piece is made. If u place another order I can let u know if you have leftover milk.

Please send milk and/or inclusions within 60 days. please contact me if it will take longer.