About us


HI, My name is Mary. I'm married to a wonderful husband and father and we have 6 children. We have a puppy named Jack, a parrot named Sunny, and a bunny named Fawn. I'm a busy work at home mom and that's always my first priority. And for this reason I take a limited amout of orders in a month. 
 I have been breastfeeding for 11 years now! But, my breastfeeding journey was not an easy one.. with my firstborn I exclusively pumped for 15 months because I had a failed homebirth that turned into an emergency c-section and we just couldn't get it down. I was determined with my second baby and we did it! It's definitely a learning process for mom and for baby. I successfully breastfed all of my other children...through the blood, sweat, and tears. I wouldn't have it any other way. There's such a special bond when feeding your baby the milk that's designed just for them. The comfort my babies get from the breast is a beautiful thing. A womans body is truly amazing.
   Little milkmade treasures is my business I own and I craft my creations in my home. I fell in love with the idea of breastmilk jewelry after my sister in law had a diy kit.  I spent months experimenting and figuring out how to create these keepsakes in ALL my free time(that was sarcastic), and crafting things for my friends.  I'm so excited to share my beautiful creations with all of you. I've worked very hard on this little business and it means everything to me. Sometimes I don't have the best confidence and being a mother kind of gets to be your identity. Creating breastmilk and life element jewelry opened up a whole new world of opportunity and I feel my creative energy flow and like I can conquer anything. The absolute best part of creating, experimenting, and growing Little Milkmaid Treasures is inspiring my children to do the same. They will sketch out plans, make necklaces, and always want to create new things.  I want to give credit to holly @Holliday designs for first creating breastmilk jewelry. 



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