Refunds, Remakes, and Order Changes

    Once you receive your jewelry please make sure there are no breaks, scratches, ect.. that might have happened it transit,  I do finish and polish everything personally before it gets shipped to you. But if there is something wrong with your order I will surley work with you to find a solution and fix your order. This will be at my discretion as some things are just how the resin and breastmilk properties react to each other *(please read terms and conditions)*.
   I can refund an item up to 5 days after purchase, as materials will have been ordered after that time. You must have the cancel request sent to me by email, phone, text or facebook within 5 days of your order.  I do have a 10% fee for this.
I can issue a refund 5 days after order is placed, but will charge a 25% fee. Supplies will have been ordered by this time.  
If it has been more than 90 days and you have not sent in your breastmilk and/or inclusions, I cannot issue a refund after this point. 
If you have sent in your breastmilk and/or inclusions I will not be able to refund your order.
When you place an order, you are reserving a time slot for my services, if you cancel I will need to find someone else to fill that spot. 
   You may exchange for an item of equal or greater value and pay the difference if your order hasn't been processed yet. You may have up to 3 weeks to exchange. Contact me and I will let you know if that option is available.
If you are unhappy with the final look of your item I might be able to remake the peice...this will be at my discretion...i absolutely want you to be happy with your keepsake. I am human and do make mistakes, and if I have made one please don't hesitate to contact me so I can make it right.