Add on colors, shimmers, and flecks

Add on colors, shimmers, and flecks

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I have many color options to customize your breastmilk or life element jewelry. Lists are below, and after you review and want to add color, shimmer, or flecks to your order please add on at the top of the page.  Make sure to add your choices to the comment box on the checkout page.
                                                                                                                                                             Solid Colors 
~canary               ~sky blue
 ~Plum                     ~hot pink
~musk melon          ~lilac      
~leaf green       ~neon green
~baby pink          ~fire red 
Solid colors are best if you want to add some discretion to your breastmilk
jewelry. This will be an all over solid color.
~snow white
Shimmers are great for all jewelry. Its adds just a bit of shine.
~lemon yellow
~ice blue
~sapphire blue
~ green
~red hot
~hot pink
Flecks can be added to anything. Flecks added to breastmilk will give an opal effect. Flecks catch and reflect light and creates a very beautiful peice.
Flecks and shimmer are beautiful together and I can combine anything that you
would like.
 Colors Swirls
~light/dark  blue
~light/dark purple
~light/dark  pink
~light/dark yellow
~light/dark green
Color swirls are best for breastmilk beads and milk drops, but can be added to anything.
Glitter colors
ruby red
midnight blue
kelp green
light green
baby pink
dark purple
I can create a rainbow on any of the products, that would be the multiple option.
If you want more than one color, shimmer, or flecks please select multiple option.
I don't recommend glitter in breastmilk, but shimmer looks very nice.                     

 If you don't see a color that you had in mind, please contact me and I will do my best to make it available.


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